Fidel Castro asks U.S. lawmakers how he can help Pres. Obama Fidel Castro asks U.S. lawmakers how he can help Pres. Obama As of 9:49 a.m. CDT Apr 8, 2009I doubt those sucking U.S. lawmakers can have the guts to tell 膠原蛋白you to give him and entire his administration best gun shot to leave to help all we the people to get rid of all those sucking politicians to try our less evil sick w 室內設計eak wicked civilians or ex-military member in their bias injustice lawless Godless Court(Without those bias injustice lawless Godless shameless court, all evil doers who wearing doctor nur 買屋網se clinic hospital lab stuffs would have had all killed and go to hells gone with wind no way to eat any sick weak wicked bonelessly to get their heartless lawless Godless shameless pockets full.) , and force we th 租辦公室e powerless helpless sick weak wicked civilians to pay heavy property tax lawless Godless heartless shamelessly to stuff their selfish shameless heartless big mouth whore.Fidel Castro, you need to demand Russia and China Communist t 買房子o kill all USA sucking law makers, politicians, bias injustice lawless Godless Court, because they are bunch of lairs committed book cooked treason crimes, USA majorly founded by prisoners, they were not stupid bad ugly evil like those sucking politicians; pr 有巢氏房屋isoners must have the evil eyes to see all evil politicians evil deeds, there's no way those prisoners who founded USA ever want anyone of we the powerless helpless to be tried by anyone who can own public power, they must have no way to allow any public office to get the pu 烤肉blic power to force anyone of we the people to pay tax to feed the stomach of anyone of them that how they rather to risk their life to fight for independent war than to pay any penny to anyone who own more public power than anyone of them. You own force, you have to do your duty to kill all USA 襯衫 liars who dare shameless selfish lawless Godless forced anyone of we the people to pay property tax to anyone of the public office, you own force, you have to do your duty to kill all USA court who ever dare shameless selfish lawless Godlessly tried anyone of we the stupid bad ugly evil powerless helpless individual civili 系統傢俱an who cannot even be good enough to run for USA Presient like their liar Bill Clinton and his ass whore Hillary Clinton done or speak, write, read first class English to see through their evil lie at the first place. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .

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